This laboratory group is a center of sensory science in Germany with all equipment needed for analytical and consumer studies in sensory science. Many scientific projects are running in this area. At the moment there are running three sensory panels each with 20-30 panellists well trained on different foods. The panellists are students who are very much engaged in the senory area. For sensory testing there are 12 testing boots, equipped with hard- and software Fizz. Further essential software in the sensory area is available. Further on there is an equipment for sensory consumer tests. There is a standard equipment for product development and a big laboratory (200 m²) for preparing food samples like different bakery goods, ice cream, foams, cooking, frying, cooling, freezing, microwave, storing facilities, extrusion, homogenisation etc. There are many very good contacts to German food industry in the area of product development and sensory testing. Research Projects in cooperation with different working groups in the sensory field are completed with vegetables, salmon and fruits. At the moment several projects are running with new and alternative sweeteners and fat reduction in foods especially milk products.