The Fraunhofer Gesellschaft is Europe's biggest research organisation. It is a non-profit organisation with focus on applied research and development, conducting contract research on behalf of industry, the service sector and government. One major field of expertise of its Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging (Fraunhofer IVV) is the development and optimisation of products and processes in the area of food ingredients. The institute has a permanent staff of about 100 full time employees and more than 4000 m² of laboratories, offices and technical facilities with advanced equipment. A pilot plant area of about 1000 m² offers possibilities to simulate the most relevant processes in pilot scale. Fraunhofer IVV acts as an interface between fundamental academic research and industrial practice. New scientific findings are transformed into saleable products and technologies. The main customers of Fraunhofer IVV are manufacturers of food ingredients, manufacturers of foods and animal feeds and manufacturers of machineries and plants for the food and animal feed industries. Fraunhofer IVV is one of the leading research institutes in the field of processing raw materials, in particular plant based materials, into highly functional protein concentrates or isolates, soluble and insoluble fibres as well as secondary plant metabolite concentrates. Fraunhofer has established a highly developed set of analyses to determine both techno-functional characteristics of food ingredients like gelling, foaming, emulsifying or water binding behaviour, and bio-functionality like in vitro bile acid binding. Such functional ingredients are tested in various model food systems. The knowledge about characteristics of single food components in dependence on processing conditions is used to develop or adapt process and food products.