The overall objective of the project is the development of meat analogues with excellent, well accepted texture, juiciness, appearance and flavour. To achieve this goal, plant proteins and mixtures of plant and animal (milk, egg) proteins will be converted into fibrous structures and stabilised. This requires a detailed knowledge about protein aggregation, protein interactions with other components in the recipe and the impact of processing conditions on product quality. The findings will facilitate the selection of appropriate raw materials (mimicking meat proteins) and the optimisation of the recipes in order to obtain products similar to the reference meat containing goods. A fundamental evaluation of consumer preferences, acceptance and needs (PAN) will allow target-oriented food developments and the promise of well-accepted products. By monitoring all raw materials and processing steps as well as packaging and storage conditions a long shelf-life at a maximum of food safety and product quality will be reached.

The scientific and technical objectives can be summarised as follows:

1. The assessment of consumer preferences and needs with respect to enhancing the acceptance of meat replacers
2. Identification of promising protein sources
3. Improving the texture and juiciness of meat analogues
4. Description of the impact of processing parameters on aroma development
5. The adaption of aromatisation and seasoning
6. Development of finished products such as convenience foods and delicatessen products
7. Improvement of the shelf-life and ensuring the safety of the products